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Desolate Village is a Adventure-horror game developed for the 2016 Pixel Horror Jam. The game deals with a the protagonist name Alex, as he wakes up in a village filled with talk animals villagers that all know who he is. But Alex does not remember who they are or how got in the village.

Warning: game deals with dark subjects and topic like gore, shows some graphics that deal with gore, and some hints of fowl language.

Length: About 1 hour (Might be more depends if you look around)

There's 4 endings in the game they range from normal, true, and 2 bad ends. (Note each ending would get a bit more darker then the last one.)


Please note the game will get a update to fix all spelling errors and other bugs. Also the game will be remade/rebuild in the future.


The game has a Korean version thanks to KyleHeren.

Edit(April 7, 2019):

Reopening the game out to the public eye, this game was made in 2016, there's a lot of bugs  and errors. Though trying to make myself know it's okay showing my old game since my newer games show how much I learned over the years and still am learning. 

Currently I am working on a reboot of Desolate Village which is 100% different from the original since it's a hot mess (well compare how I do stuff now), but it was my my first finished game so can't be too mean to it. 

Made withRPG Maker
TagsCute, Dark, Horror, Pixel Art, pixelhorrorjam, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Desolate Village.zip 82 MB
Desolate Village (Korean).zip 87 MB


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pretty cool really enjoyed the corrupted ending more than anything, pretty well fitting after all the "crap saccharine world" that you can't escape.


Any chance of this getting a Mac release?

Sorry to say but no mac release will happen.
Mostly since I don't own a Mac, so if any issues did happen on a mac version idk how I would fix it. 
Also this game is 4 years old, so any major updates/ releases won't really happen over the fact I'm rebooting the game currently. 
;v;b I do hope you have a nice day btw.

No worries, thanks for the reply!


So glad I was able to play this on my channel! I had a lot of fun and it was super cute... for the most part! 


Thank you so much for playing it.
Tbh I didn't really think anyone would play this game in 2020, but it's interesting to be proven wrong ;'D.
I'm glad that you had fun while playing the game. ^^b

I played this game as part of Halloween games, and really enjoyed it~  Art style was cute~

Neat little game, really liked the art style. 

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if you could give me permission to translate your game into Spanish. If you do not mind, of course

PD: I love this game! ^_^

Hello, the game has been translated in Spanish. 
I just didn't add it to the itch.io page, since the person who translated it made a mega download. 
Here the link to the Spanish version:
Thank you for your interested on making one. also I'm glad tou like the game ^o^/.

Oh, I see. 

Well, that's great! xD

Oh, I see. 

Well, that's great! xD

hello! I have recently played you're game and its amazing! I love it so much that I wanted to make a fan fiction story based off it, but I don't want to be disrespectful and would like to ask first if it's ok. I will credit you properly of course. 

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Hello Reisuke 5th,
I'm glad that you enjoyed my game, fan work is allowed for the game. Thank you for asking, but it would't be disrespectful if you didn't ask. But I'm glad that you asked. I hope you have a nice day.   ヾ(^∇^)

Such an awesome game so far. I have only gotten 1 ending so far but I am trying to get all 4. Here is my part 1 video I did for this game and part 2 is on my channel Kitty Burkhart. 

Did a Part 2 as well!

I finished the game and got all 4 endings. It was such an amazing game! 

Was this made in VX Ace?

Sorry for this late reply, the game was made in RPG Maker MV.

Neat ^^

Thought it was in VX Ace, was interested in helping port it over from VX Ace to MV.

What was this made in?

Nice game,i made a gameplay for it :)

An interesting game. I liked the sprite design. I had some trouble with the game crashing a lot, but I made it through and the endings that I got the 2 times I played through were interesting.

I talk about Desolate Village a little more in my blog entry: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/01/free-itchio-games-4.html

Just got done playing this game, and I really quite enjoyed it! ^.^
Pixel RPG's (especially horrors) are a top favourite of mine! I found the artwork to be quite beautiful, but the character sprites stood out above the rest - so crisp and neat, not to mention beautifully animated.
The concept behind this tale is honestly quite a curious one! I feel like certain things could've been further explained, but all in all it made reasonable sense!

- I really want to know about the room with blood seeping out?? I thought there'd be a chance to explore it, but unfortunately not. I'm assuming it's the room where James does all those 'bad things' Chloe tells him to. I think it would've really added to the horror atmosphere if the inside of the room was accessible.

- I wish I knew more about Alex's friends, too. The ones who were telling him the story at the beginning! Did he fall asleep and wake up in this village? Or is that what he thinks?

I like Desolate Village very much, The storyboard was wonderful. However, I think the art quality and porportions to the backgrounds could be improved, as well as the game itself as (at least on Win 10, or my version) it crashes every 5 minutes, literally. This wasn't as agrivating as I though it would be, but it still needs to be fixed. The game interface could also be improved. There's something odd going on with the hair, except for Chloe's. The fur is shaped really weird in the side view.

This was sooooo cool! I'm trying to do all endings now in Pt2! gameplay was great and a really nice art style to bring it all home! THANK YOU!

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Love this game!

I really loved this game and think it's pretty unique but there is a problem where if I play the game for about 5 minutes, it will then crash, other than that it's a pretty good game.

*Rawr* Hello everyone - Just made a new video/Let's Play and got 2 Endings - A True Ending and Bad Ending #2 (Spoilers) - Hope people enjoy!

No chance of a Mac version?

I rather not make a mac version, because I don't have a Mac myself. Hopefully I could make one in the future, when I'm able to own a Mac myself. I hope you can understand.

I recommend you download Wine Bottler :) It will allow you to play games, or open files. I use it to play games that aren't for mac ;)

While I think the game had a lot of issues - probably due to time restraints since it was for a jam - it was still intriguing, and I hope it'll get great when it'll be remade!

Overall, I think I got the story and the characters pretty well, but I'm just confused about one of them... so...


Who is actually James? My theory is that he's "Kitty"'s brother, either true or simply for that weird roleplaying "game". I mean, they live in the same house, and you can see two white cat portraits in there, one with a blue ribbon/scarf, and one with a reddish pink one. The blue would be Kitty I guess, since she has it all along, and the other one may be James since his clothing underneath the jacket show some kind of reddish hue, plus they have the same sprite body type in the speech box Maybe the girl did mimic her "brother"'s crybaby behaviour in order to gain Alex's trust easier...

Can you tell me if I'm right or wrong? And if I'm wrong, who is James. I must admit I really can't figure it out, if my only theory is wrong haha! Well, at the beginning I did actually think James WAS Kitty, but the colors doesn't match and it would raise new questions so yeah... I've discarded that...


I really like your theory!! (I'm going to change James role in the remake). James is actually Chloe boyfriend, but she took advantage of him. Making him do things and if he didn't, and if he try to denied it she would tell he that he does not "love her". I say it like that because Chloe use love to take advantage. Similar to the sin of Lust (but instead of a lust that deals with sexual things more about using people love to befit from your own desires). The reason why James listen to her was because he didn't really have any strong relationships with his parents since they neglected him. Since their neglecting of him, he believed Chloe and was happy that someone cared about him. But when she start to do the "if you don't do this, that means you don't love me" he would just do what she ask. Since he never understood what love was. I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds very complicated, I will fix all the plot holes in the remake. But I'm was really happy to hear your theory ^w^!!

Oooh okay, I get it now! Thank you for explaining it!

I'm eager to see the changes in the remake!

And two more endings! Like I said, really enjoyed it!

Did a LP of this for the channel! Here is the first ending that I got, and then there is at least another part. Didn't realize there were 4 endings, should have read a little more. Lol.

Wow! Such a cool game! I liked it! :3