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Okay, so I loved this game. It was super cute, but it had a few dark moments, and I liked that there was a bonus room at the end. As soon as I saw RPG Maker in the description, I was interested in playing it because some RPG Maker games look the same. But, the adorable stylized pixel art definitely made the game memorable... I hope you make a sequel where Cinnamon and the Hunter go on an adventure!

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This is not just silly game, it's stupid. The whole plot just doesn't make any sense. Why would "I'm not really a hunter but I behave exactly like a hunter"-guy try to kill the main hero if he is not really a hunter? And why would he stop? (After all, friendship with a rabbit can't prevent death from starvation). Besides, you could try to ship your game with embedded RTP, in case it wouldn't be longer avaiable for download (it was far from trivial for me to find where to download the RTP from alternative sources).

And why instead of making some constructive critique to improve it, you would call it a silly and stupid game and only look for the negative things?


Thank you for writing this comment KyleWashington. 
Tbh, if they wrote critiques or feedback which I should improve on the next game it would have been helpful. I actually had no clue how to reply hearing the game is stupid. 

I could understand how the plot makes no sense since how the character who seems to be trying to kill you isn't trying to kill you. The Game  is a random short game I put out, though hearing feedback would have helped more. I did take some personal notes on what to do for my next projects, like don't get burn out. Since I cut this game down in size a lot and the ending was changed. 

Hopefully if I make a sequel to this game, I can fix some of the errors I made in this game. 


Hmm, I played your game.

Well, my mind is still pretty much blown because of the story itself. The characters are kinda neat especially the anthro one. Yeah, I love animal-like characters or basically anthroI, lol.

I'm still confused but I tried to stand corrected with the game. So, I only assume that there will be some backstory.

Anyway, yeah. Good short story though. :)

I'll be waiting for more stuff from you.

^^b Late reply, but thank you! I actually would love to expand on these characters, this game was really short since I was just making it for fun and to feel better. Hopefully that game would help give Cinnamon and The Hunter more background and character.  Thank you soo much for playing!


This is a short and cute game :3 Thanks for making it.

I'm glad you enjoy the game. 
OvO/ I had so much fun making it. 

You're welcome :3 And it's a really cute game.