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Verloren is a adventure-horror game being developed in RPG Maker VX Ace. You play as Chris Winter, a thirteen year old who won't stop for nothing to achieve his goal no matter what it takes. During his journey to find his way back home, he'll come across different types of individuals who have their own goals and perspective on things. 



Chris Winter, find himself alone and lost in a black void filled with nothing but coldness. The only warmth you feel comes from your breath. In this void the young boy sees a door filled with light, trying to reach the door only leads to the boy to fall deep into a world filled with nothing but nonsense.

 ♦ only when you find the key, then you'll be able to leave ♦


Verloren contains flashing images, loud sounds, sudden sounds/images. Some of the topic/material in Verloren may make some uncomfortable and/or disturbed.
[View Warning List](Contains Spoilers!)


This is only the demo of Verloren, which takes place in the intro of the game. The full game is still in development, because of this the demo shouldn't be viewed as the final product. Things such as graphics, music, and/or scenes change from now to the full release may change.

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Verloren DEMO.exe 36 MB


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Hi, this is off-topic, but I know you want to make a Desolate Village remake, but I just want to play it now. So can you please give me the access to the page?

I look forward to the full release! This demo was very fun, interesting, and makes me want  to know more! ^^


It was my first time playing a RPG with a dutch name, and I didnt think it would be this good! The soundtrack was really good, and seeing Chris and Vladimir get a bit along was really wholesome. And the jumpscare gave me a damn heart attack i'll never forget- Success with making the full game!


I liked playing this demo despite the drawn out dialogue and the resemblance to undertale somewhat. The extra mini game you got to play was well created, I liked the music for it. It needs some work but I think this can turn into a great game.


This game is really cool, great start with this demo!


i watched manly play this game, and i ended up enjoying it a lot! i loved the characters and how they interacted, and i think this is a really intriguing demo. i'll definitely play the full version myself when it's finished! 


Here's the gameplay video

I really enjoyed it! The highlight for me was the dynamic between Chris and Vladimir, its very cute and heartwarming. This is a very strong and intriguing demo that makes me super excited for the full game. Well done!


Thank you!!!
I'm really glad that you enjoyed the dynamic between Chris and Vlad, tbh writing scenes with them together is a bunch of fun. ;v; I'm sure glad you enjoyed the demo, I hope when the full release comes out that it's enjoyable as well!!


Manly played your game :) 

Will play this later ^^ congrats on release 


I saw it ;v;, it was a huge surprised for me.
Also I hope you enjoy it when you play it and thanks ^^b